“father’s day dream”


Yellow The Mellow Phil was soo bored!!



last Father’s Day, The Three Phils all played hide and go seek 2gether!




now Cool Blue Is Off 2 Willyburg so Red & Yellow r stuck w/ EVIL PHIL!!




Over Your Head Red Phil had a radical idea



“we can play w/ EVIL PHIL”




“What!?” cried Yellow “EVIL PHIL is such a weirdo!!”



“Have u ever seen EVIL PHIL? He looks nothing like us!!” said Yellow



“Who cares!?” said Red as he leapt on top of the fridge and into the toaster



“He’s a Phil just like we r” said Red “we can all play 2gether”


“But if u get up close” said Yellow



“He looks so strange!! Those GLASSES! His CURLY HAIR! That FROWN!” said Yellow




“just go hide” said Red



and Yellow did





but EVIL PHIL quickly found them, and then it was his turn 2 hide!!







EVIL PHIL’s idea 2 hide in the magazines was very creative!





Yellow liked EVIL PHIL’s idea so he did something very similar



but it wasn’t as cool




and Red quickly found them both, so now it was Yellow’s turn..




Red found a funny spot in a plant! Red and Yellow laughed abt it.





but where was EVIL PHIL??










They looked everywhere!!









and then they heard a muffled voice coming from





EVIL PHIL was stuck inside the DVD player??



Yellow lead the charge.  He and Red instinctively helped out their new bff EVIL PHIL!!




“Why did u guys do it??” asked EVIL



“because we r all Phils” explained Red




“even EVIL PHILs deserve a 2nd chance and we 4give u” confessed Yellow






Don’t judge ppl by their looks! we r all different!



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